settore fondazioni perforazioni palificazioni

Spirals and augers

Spirals and augers guarantee the realization of foundations and deep holes for civil and industrial constructions.

settore trasportatori

Screw conveyors

Using screw conveyors makes the transport of materials clean, efficient and protected from external agents.

settore-separazione liquidi e fanghi

Liquid separation

Spirals and augers are used for the separation of liquids such as dewatering sludge for purification, the extraction of fats; they can also be used in the chemical, biotechnological, pharmaceutical and food fields.

settore rifiuti

Waste disposal

Augers are used for sewage treatment or compaction.

settore calcestruzzo


The augers allow concrete to be installed without altering its characteristics.

settore pompaggio liquidi ad alta viscosità

Pumping of high viscosity liquids

Spirals and augers are designed to ensure perfect pumping of high viscosity liquids, therefore eliminating the problems of these fluids.

agitatori miscelatori per l'industria chimico farmaceutica

Agitators for liquids in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry

Spirals and augers are manufactured according to different market requirements, guaranteeing the cleanliness and precision required in the chemical-pharmaceutical sector.

settore miscelatori e agitatori

Mixers and agitators

The augers and spirals inside mixers and agitators allow their use even in situations with critical operating parameters.

settore alimentare


The food industry needs cleanliness and efficiency, these characteristics are guaranteed by the use of spirals and augers.

settore vite di archimede

Archimedes screw sector - Hydropower

Spirals and augers are also developed for a particular type of volumetric pump the "Archimedes screw", used for the management of industrial water.

settore larerizi

Brick production

Spirals and augers are also used to transport solid materials such as bricks.

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