Augers Italy

Augers Italy is a new company, founded after careful and in-depth market analysis by its founders.
Bringing the experience of La Metalcrom we have developed the answer to market needs: high-precision products and technology.
The combination of competence and innovation makes Augers ITALY a a strong company capable of offering concrete and specific solutions.
The history of Augers Italy comes from afar: it was born from La Metalcrom.
La Metalcrom, founded in 1964, is a company specialized in surface treatment , by means of thickness chrome plating processes, MIG, TIG and PTA coatings for dimensional restoration and supply of mechanical parts particularly prone to wear, abrasion and corrosion.

Why You Choose Us

We have chosen the most advanced cold forming technology on the market, which guarantees perfect dimensions and steps regardless of the quantities produced and the types of materials used. The practically infinite range of moulds, the definition of cutting and work parameters calculated by means of exclusive software and the numerical control of the machinery guarantee precision and repeatability, freeing the activity from the operator's manual capabilities.

Using our technology, the most common problems of augers are eliminated: the alignment between the parts of the spiral is maintained and the gap between the spirals and the shaft is eliminated.

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